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Play Call of Gods online – browser strategy

Download Call of GodsThe merciless army of demons invaded the real world, turning the whole continent into lifeless ruins. Will the judgment day be the last for all living things or is it the beginning of a new era? Respond to the call of the gods, stand up for the dying world and play for free! Find the game on the site

Online game Call of Gods is a popular turn-based strategy with RPG elements, performed in the spirit of the cult series Heroes of Might and Magic and Disciples. In the face of imminent death, people, elves and undead cast off the old differences and united in the fight against the legions of demons. The world needs heroes and the crystal of prophecy has chosen you! Start playing Call of Gods online right now and top the fate of the world!

In Call of Gods, there are three races to choose from

People. Millions of soldiers laid down their swords on the battlefield, but even the crushing defeat could not break the faith of the people. In the middle of the ruins of a great empire led by an inexhaustible faith in the light, they found the strength to stand against the demonic army and begin the journey anew;

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Elves. The ancient race never helped other nations and zealously defended its lands. Only the threat of complete extermination made the elves change centuries-old traditions. By signing a short-term alliance with people, they fight with former enemies against the forces of darkness;

Undead. From the very beginning, the undead was an exile in the living world. Persecuted and condemned for their nature, they lived a miserable existence. However, the cruelty of the rest of the people hardened them and made them stronger.

The choice of race essentially modifies the gameplay, because each has unique features, unique heroes, different types of troops and plot campaign.

New online game Toy soldiers

New game Coldatics online

Coldatics – war of toys in the genre of Tower Defense. Lead the army and defend the front line! Command the army of toys and defend the headquarters for 100 levels. Develop soldiers, improve skills and earn ranks. Destroy enemy invaders from quick-firing machine guns, incinerating flamethrowers, killer cannons and merciless antiaircraft guns. Think up your own strategy of victory and change the course of the war!

Plastic heroes

Sometimes even serious plastic war break out between plastic toys! On the side of the enemy: trained infantrymen, high-speed armored personnel carriers, strong tanks and even maneuverable fighters. The enemy is coming on all fronts and with each level the enemy army is growing exponentially.

The enemy waves are confronted by four types of protective towers:

Arrows are easily dealt with infantry and enemy aircraft, but lose to heavy equipment;
Flamethrowers melt plastic infantrymen and transform light embers into smoldering coals;
Guns are sluggish and slow, but they penetrate through the heavy armor of tanks;
Anti-aircraft guns fight enemy planes and protect the command staff from air attacks.

Shop improvements

Coldatics for freePerform the combat missions of the command, advance in the service and get the stars. The stars are needed to explore new weapons and improve fighters. In the browser strategy of Soldiers, nonlinear development of protective towers. The development of the toy army depends on you. You independently choose the strategy of victory: what to spend earned stars, which troops to improve, which of the fighters to assign a new rank and where to place the next defensive line. In addition to the main troops, the players are helped by the workers of the rear. They repair the towers, support the troops with fire from artillery, return to life the fallen fighters and arrange a plastic genocide.


Continuous single player campaign;
Four types of troops with non-linear pumping;
Free construction and upgrade of towers;
More than 100 unique levels;
Infantry, tanks, planes and much more!

Review of online game Day D: Powerful defense

New game Day D: Powerful defense

Game Day D: Powerful Defense – an online game in the genre of Tower Defense, dedicated to the war with dinosaurs and time travel. Transfer to the world of the Jurassic period and help the scientist repair the time machine! Create inaccessible defense, extract resources and invent new ways of protection. Use the power of future technologies and turn predatory dinosaurs into piles of knuckles!

Back to the Future!

In online game Day D: Powerful Defense is your task to protect the inventor from the sharp teeth of predators. Opponents attack from different sides along the paths along which defensive towers are installed. To help the professor return home, repair the time machine and go through four temporary epochs:

Jurassic period;
Ice Age;
Time gap.
When you start to play for free on Day D, only lizard lizards will besiege the camp, but in due course problems will appear larger: dinosaurs with armored carapaces, prehistoric aviation and tyrannosaurs with giant jaws.

Powerful protection

Free game 2017When you are free to play online on Day D: Powerful Defense, you will create dozens of inventions that will help build a truly powerful defense! From the bones of dinosaurs you make miracles of engineering thought: reinforced crossbows, turrets with rifled barrels and even homing missiles. However, the true miracles occur behind the concrete walls of the camp in the workshop of the scientist, in which you are waited with incredible discoveries! Each level of the online game brings DNA points needed to research new technologies. Do not admit enemies to the gates of the camp and get additional rewards for the perfect passage of the levels!

On Day D, you can play for free online immediately after a minute registration. Go on a journey in time and conquer the prehistoric world!