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September 25, 2017

Review of the game online Ways of History

The Ways of History is a global strategy game dedicated to the development of civilization from the Stone Age to the Space Age. Start your way in a tiny village with dugouts and huts and lead the inhabitants through the millenniums to nuclear fusion and flights into space. You are waited by a journey through seven historical epochs, a huge planet with 10,000 cities and 240 great scientific discoveries. Construct the wonders of the world, build new cities and lead large-scale wars over continents in 3D mode. Lead your own country of hundreds of players and write the history of the whole world!

In the footsteps of Civilization

Play new games onlineEvery fan of strategy knows the cult series Civilization, which captivates with epic proportions and millions of details. Ways of history game is an online strategy in the style of Civilization. Learn technology, develop the economy and explore the endless world. Build the city, master industry and make alliances with other players. Create a powerful empire with a clean slate and lead civilization to victory! Play the game on the site

Become President

Around tens of thousands of players who are eager for victory. Use diplomacy and rally players into a single team! Create your own country and borrow the president’s seat. Manage the country and lead it to prosperity! As president, international negotiations with countries on other continents, world-wide discoveries, the creation of a multimillion army and hundreds of other occupations are waiting for you. What will be your country: aggressors and invaders or peace-loving traders and scientists?

Final goal

Free online game Ways of HistoryDespite the fact that the game is being played online, the Story Path ends one day. The ultimate goal of the game is the construction and launch of the spacecraft. This event requires dozens of players, thousands of hours and billions of resources. The launch of the spacecraft is a colossal achievement and the efforts of a cohesive team. Are you ready to fulfill the dream of humanity and become the ruler of the world?


Giant world with tens of thousands of cities;

Four unique races;

Seven historical epochs;

Investigation of 240 technologies;

Over 120 types of buildings;

Dozens of resources from wood to uranium;

Construction of wonders of the world

100 types of troops from different eras;

Construction and development of cities;

Free trade between players;

Unions, revolutions and global wars.